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Corona the killer of music and social culture 

Hello to all my dear fans, friends and families. Unfortunately I have to tell you all with a heavy heart that we had to put all the gigs for 2020 on hold. Our little voodoo swiss tour with the well-known street musician Lewis Floyd Henry (UK) is therefore also canceled. The corona virus and its circumstances force us to keep our distance. It's not an easy time for many musicians and artists around the world. We all hope for better times. We hope to see you on stage in 2021.

Rocky greetings Benjtaro June 2020

Benjtaro Meets Jamaica - New Single Jah Love 07.03.2020 

Benjtaro meets Jamaica. For the first time, Benjtaro is now on the way to his music roots. Quote my mother is a lion and my father too. The first genre that I played was Reggae by Bob Marley. Now it's time for some Caribbean music inspiration. There are two new Reggae Songs in the pipeline for 2020.

Watch the Promovideo Jah Love click on the Pic.

New Singlerelease - Rocking Freedom - Benjtaro & Asep Stone 

There are many hot News for 2020. Its like one Highlight hunts the next. One of them is the New Single Rocking Freedom from Benjtaro & Asep Stone (Asep Stone EXP) Sounds like a mix of Satriani, Jimi Hendrix and Yngwie Malmsteen. Upcoming Releasedate 22.02.2020 !!!



Benjtaro & MWTM Teil 2 - Eddie Kramer 31.05-06.06.19 

Benjtaro is back from his Trip the MWTM with Eddie Kramer at La Fabrique (France)

In deep Memory in my Body & Soul, Jimi is always with us on and on ??? I never forget always in our Heart. The Spirit of Love thats what the World needs the most. Thank you Jimi & Eddie Kramer ???  LOVE & PEACE to the World today.

Benjamin Hauser / 10.06.2019